In Guardamixte, 24/7 access is fully automated.

With our advanced access control technology, you can enter and exit your storage space at any time of day or night, without restrictions.

This means you have the freedom to access your belongings whenever you need to.

Do you need space for yourself or your business?

In our spaces, we have solutions for your needs. Check out our storage units and see what you can store.
Storage unit for 1m x 1m
Ideal for storing the contents of a van or archive boxes (approximately 50) or small boxes.
To use Service ...

To enjoy the features of Guardamixte, the User registers by providing their name, contact phone number, email address, billing address, and NIF (optional).

The User is responsible for the truth and completeness of the provided data, as well as for keeping them up to date. The User will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and, consequently, for compensating Guardamixte for all damages it incurs as a result of non-compliance with this provision.

The contents inserted into the User's account, as well as all activities that take place within it, are the responsibility of the User. Guardamixte is not obliged to monitor the contents or ensure the User's compliance with any responsibilities.

Guardamixte does not have access to, nor is aware of, the randomly generated code, which is provided to the User through email at each login, for the purpose of accessing Guardamixte and the allocated spaces. It is the User's responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of this code, safeguard it, and use it properly, as well as to adhere to best practices related to the security of their account and the stored goods in the allocated spaces, avoiding connections through public open networks.

Guardamixte is not responsible for losses resulting from the loss or improper use of the User's login.

Through the User account, they can access their account in real-time and update their personal information, make new deposits, manage their balance, and check the validity of their subscriptions (until when a space is paid for).

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